Gasoline Spray Droplet Size Distribution
University of Illinois, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Urbana, Illinois April, 1998

Dr. J.E. Peters compared the droplet size distribution of sprays of gasoline from a standard Bosh port fuel injector into static air with and without Viscon. Dr. Peters used a laser diffraction technique to measure droplet size at radial positions from the center line of the spray cone 10 cm below the tip of the injector nozzle.

Viscon reduced the standard deviation of the droplet sizes from 43.21 to 36.38 microns in diameter. A smaller percentage of fuel that broke up into particles less than 60 and greater than 225 microns in diameter.

The data obtained by Dr. Peters shows that Viscon reduced the Sauter Mean Diameter (SMD) of spray droplets out to 5 mm from the center line of the spray. The overall effect was to produce more uniform droplet size across the spray cone.

Notice the flatter curve of Viscon-treated fuel. The droplets from the center of the spray pattern to the edge are closer in size in the treated fuel.


Throughout the range of radial positions, Viscon reduced the variation in particle size. A more homogeneous air/fuel mixture burns more efficiently.

Rather than concentrating the mass of fuel at the center of the spray pattern, the treated fuel spreads our more evenly. This is a particularly valuable in creating a mixture that burns evenly throughout the volume of a cylinder.


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